Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones / Witxes split

by Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones / Witxes



Brand new split by Witxes and Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones.

"Witxes best work to date"
Onda Rock

"These two bands are really on top of their game in this split release, 40 min of high quality experimental music - 8.1/10"
Scene Point Blank

"Uneasy listening at its best"

"Witxes offer a beautifully mysterious, dangerous and epic piece, which reverberates long fascination"
Vampster Magazin

"Not the stop-gap release it could be for either contributor"
The Arts Desk

"A gloriously oppressing release"

"Breathtakingly good!"
De Subjectivisten

"Dans son concept, l'album s'avère à la fois déstabilisant et pourtant totalement passionnant [...]"
new Noise Magazine

"Witxes bring something surprisingly accessible to ambient and drone music something with thundering climaxes underwritten by danceable beats and erupting, post-rock surges"
4ZZZ FM Brisbane

Press release:
This split constitutes an exciting collaboration of these two French experimental/avant-garde/dark jazz acts. In mutual respect and appreciation, both DALE COOPER QUARTET and WITXES selected a track of their split companion and created a fundamental and independent rework of around 20 minutes length.

Based upon parts of Witxes' "The Apparel" -- from the last album "A Fabric of Beliefs" -- and afternoon summer recording sessions, the DALE COOPER QUARTET's "Le Strategie Saint-Frusquin" contains the classic sounds of the Quartet: ambient soundscapes, lazy jazzy rhythms, drone and distorsion guitar and a deep saxophone breath. Being mostly instru- mental, the deep tone of Ronan Mac Erlaine's voice comes to ease the stormy start of the music piece. A grainy and blissful track that resembles music coming through of a 50s radio speaker, letting dark jazz flooding the room.

"Pisces Analogue" is a new WITXES piece based on "Nourrain Quinquet", a track from "Quatorze pièces de menaces" by Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones. In five movements, the track explores the interstices and cracks of the dark, minimalist, lurking, cycle-evolving original piece. It offers to take a look at some of its nooks, focus on a few of its endless micro-universes and jump from one to another in a flash. Just like swimming in a puzzling dream. If there is anything in common with previous Witxes output, it is a strong sense of motion as well as narration to be seized by the listener. Though this piece uses heavily processed instruments takes from "Nourrain Quinquet" as well as a few typical Witxes field recordings, it is Witxes most synthetic work to date. It was written, recorded and mixed in 3 weeks during summer of 2014 in Lyon and co-produced by Michael Mysak.


released November 28, 2014


partly based on "The Apparel"
by Witxes

Sounds, music & layout
Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones

Summer 2014
Brest, France


partly based on "Nourrain Quinquet"
by Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones

Sound & Music

Mixing & co-production
Michaël Mysak

Summer 2014
Lyon, France



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